Global Warming Updates January 12-14 ,2015

Climate Changes Updates 12-14 January  2015

1.  New Climate Change Study Just 400 Pages Of Scientists Telling Americans To Read Previous Climate Change Studies,37761/

2.  Lines forming over climate-change curriculum

3.  New – and worrisome – contaminants emerge from oil and gas wells

4.   Obama Is Planning New Rules on Oil and Gas Industry’s Methane Emissions

5.  White House Environmental Adviser to Resign

  1. Far from rising seas, climate change plagues Kathmandu

7.  The end or the beginning of the drought?

8.  Another reason to fear climate change: You may get worms

9.  EDITORIAL: Promote hydrogen as a major energy source for Japan’s future

10.                    Inhofe’s climate-change beliefs are ‘cruel joke’

11.                    The climate is ruined. So can civilization even survive?

12.                    Editorial: More quakes and more questions

13.                    Wind energy hits headwinds

14.                                          U.S. Senate proposal may leave Canada with a Pyrrhic victory on Keystone XL

15.                    Moisture Shortfall, Heat Threaten Southwestern Forests

16.                    New Climate Change Study Just 400 Pages Of Scientists Telling Americans To Read Previous Climate Change Studies,37761/

17.                    Facing Backlash, West Virginia Board Of Education Votes To Make Climate Change Curriculum Scientifically Accurate

18.                    Top MIT Climate Scientist: ‘Senate’s Climate Change Vote Is Ludicrous’

19.                    New Actions to Reduce Methane Emissions Will Curb Climate Change, Cut Down on Wasted Energy

20.                    Climate Change and Intergenerational Ethics

21.                    Feds to study climate change effects on northern infrastructure

22.                    Which countries will suffer the most from climate change?

23.                    Why Is The USDA Confusing Farmers By Calling Climate Change ‘Weather Variation’?

24.                    UK and USA likely to survive climate change apocalypse, says new study

25.                    Group to present climate change report to state BOE

26.                    Arctic’s ‘Penguins of the North’ Find Workaround to Climate Change

27.                    Pope to make moral case for action on climate change

28.                    Climate Change Alarmists Bully Media to Call Skeptics ‘Deniers,’ WaPo Agrees

29.                    Will: Humans aren’t to blame for all climate change

30.                    Moderate Republicans believe in climate change. There just aren’t many moderate Republicans.

31.                    Many Republicans Think Climate Change Is Real — Just Not The Ones In Congress

32.                    Will climate change burn up the internet?

33.                    2015, The Year of Climate Change―And Doing Something About It

34.                    Robots probe climate change

35.                    Scientists reveal which coral reefs can survive global warming

36.                    For school kids, global warming, transgender just part of life

37.                    Earth’s CO2 Levels Pass Global Warming ‘Milestone’… Nothing Happens

38.                     Senate to vote on existence of manmade global warming, again

39.                     Are Volcanic Eruptions Slowing Global Warming?

40.                     Powerful Global Warming Pollution Cut by New U.S. Rules

41.                     Global warming update

42.                     Changing the Global Warming Metaphor

43.                     UF professor ties global warming to wheat decline

44.                     West Virginia, America’s coal capital, struggles with global warming in teaching science

  1. John Holdren Reconciles The 1970s Ice Age With Today’s Global Warming

46.                     For Peat’s Sake: Drying And Burning Wetlands Amplify Global Warming

47.                     Letter: Global warming snowball

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