Global Warming Updates January 15-18 ,2015

Climate Changes Updates 15-18 January  2015

1.       From buckets to beehives: how scientists collect climate data

2.       Oil majors face climate grilling at World Economic Forum

3.       It’s official – 2014 was the hottest year on record

4.       Typhoon Haiyan survivors make climate appeal to Pope Francis

5.       Global warming raises tensions in Boko Haram region

6.       EU plans diplomatic offensive ahead of Paris climate deal

7.       Pope Francis criticises ‘lack of courage’ in climate talks

8.       Malala heads youth call for action on poverty and climate in 2015

9.       Obama to slash methane emissions 45% by 2025

10.    Is global warming real? US Senate could decide on Friday

11.    Pope urged to divest from fossil fuels as he visits Philippines

12.    “Green” bond to fund multi-storey car park

13.    Will 2015 be the year hydrogen took off?

14.    Green-Energy Inspiration Off the Coast of Denmark

15.    The self-serving myth of Chipotle: Why fast-food meat can never truly be sustainable

16.    The Most Anti-Science Congress in Recent History Is Now in Session

17.    A county divided: is Lancashire ready for its fracking revolution?

18.  Pope Francis: Stealth Climate Warrior

19.    Here’s what climate activists should do in 2015

20.    Does GOP want a boiling planet?

  1. No, the GOP Is Not at War With Science
  2. GreenSpace: Study: Concerns over children’s health motivates reduction in electricity use

23.    Frac sand companies get creative with local politics

24.          2014 proves hottest on record, driven in part by climate change

  1. Latest climate change battle may center on food pyramid

26.    Science or conscience on climate change?

27.          “We can’t wait”: Combating the effects of climate change

28.    Pope Francis says climate change is mostly man’s fault

29.    A Bad Day for Climate Change Deniers … And the Planet

30.    Billionaire Tom Steyer eyes climate change, education in potential Senate bid

31.    Seven themes that will dominate Davos 2015

32.    Climate change impacts being assessed by Florida Department of Health

33.    Climate change impacts developed nations too, study says

34.    Republican ‘pro-lifers’ should care about climate change: PennLive letters

35.    Letter: Climate-change worries only cause instrusions

36.    Christophe Mazurier reflects on 2014, an encouraging year for climate change activism

37.    Will misses point on climate change

38.    Will 2015 be the year of the climate change barnacle?

39.    Rich nations aren’t immune from devastating effects of climate change, study warns

40.    Why GOP leaders are reckless on global warming

41.    2014 Breaks Heat Record, Challenging Global Warming Skeptics

42.    On the Davos agenda: from Al Gore on global warming to fears over eurozone

43.    Global warming made 2014 a record hot year – in animated graphics

44.    The Sad Truth About Global Warming

45.    NYT’s Alarmist Enviro Reporter Gillis Eagerly ‘Undermines’ Global Warming Skeptics – Or Does He?

46.    Does the Pope believe in global warming?

47.    Global warming? The thermometer doesn’t lie

48.    A Closer Look at the Global Warming Trend, Record Hot 2014 and What’s Ahead

49.    A new Pew survey shows Americans might finally be getting serious about global warming

50.    SHOCK POLL: 57% of Americans Say Global Warming Is Not a Threat

51.    Global Warming Linked To More Extreme Weather And Weaker Jet Stream

52.    Forget this mega refugee crisis, let’s talk about global warming

53.    Manicured lawns contribute to global warming by producing greenhouse gases

54.    New Research Says Social Cost Of Climate Change Much Higher Than Thought

  1. School climates, suicide and gay and lesbian students: Research on LGBT and youth education

56.    New Data Decodes The Speed Of Climate Change

57.          Human adaptation: Manage climate-induced resettlement

58.    Scientists concern over impact of climate change on Indian agriculture


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