Global Warming Updates January 15, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 15 January 2014

1)  ANALYSIS: Fox Only Talks About Climate Change When It’s Cold

2)  What if man-made climate change is loading the dice on floods in the UK?

3)     Editorial: Political climate change

4)  Buenos Aires’ “Green Agenda” – A Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Climate Change (English & Spanish)

5)  Just 3% of younger voters don’t believe climate change is happening, Sen. Chris Murphy says

6)     Climate change: The case of the missing heat

7)  Major newspaper coverage of climate change plummeted last year

8)   Climate Change Is a Challenge For Sustainable Development

9)  Time for investors to move out of high-carbon assets, says UN climate change official

10)                   Map shows which countries are contributing the most to climate change

11)                    Climate change threatens economy of 4 PH cities

  • Climate Change is a Sin—Here’s How to Repent For It

  • Climate change could exacerbate drug smuggling and human trafficking

14)            The Very, Very Thin Wedge of Denial

  • World’s richest nations ‘failing’ to address climate change

16)                    Climate change posing infrastructure challenges

17)                   The diplomatic road to a new climate agreement may not end in Paris next year

18)                   Democrats Plan to Pressure TV Networks Into Covering Climate Change

19)                    To tackle inequality, the first priority is to fight climate change


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