Global Warming Updates January 16, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 16 January 2014


1)  Number of Americans who don’t believe in climate change rises

2)  How the SEC Can Fight Climate Change

3)  This Is How Little Time Television News Devotes To Climate Change

4)  How extreme weather affects attitudes towards climate change

5)   TCA 2014: Arnold Schwarzenegger tackles climate change in doc series

6)   Older trees best at fighting climate change

7)       The Governator’s got a new foe – Climate Change

8)   Know any climate change sceptics? Turn off their air conditioning

9)  The science of climate change,0,7700860.story

10)                    Kansas clergy pray for recognition of climate change

11)                   US Climate Change Risk Committee Ready To Go

12)                    Eroding Alaska village urges Congress to address climate change

13)                    Climate change is waking up the bears and they want to eat us


14)                   Al Gore: Geoengineering to ward off climate change is “insane”

15)                   Nigeria: WHO Urges Integration of Mental Health Into Climate Change Adaptation


16)                    Big, old trees keep growing and capturing carbon, study finds,0,5642959.story#axzz2qcy4D6VM


17)                    Green Fade-Out: Europe to Ditch Climate Protection Goals


18)                    Tar Secret #6: Oilsands pay one dime per barrel for their climate pollution

19)                   Climate policy debate heats up; GOP bill would prevent executive decree on carbon fuels–Climate-Change


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