Global Warming Updates January 16,2013

Climate Changes Updates 16 January

1.   New Antarctic Geological Timeline Aids Future Sea-Level Predictions

2.   Iconic Beach Resorts May Not Survive Sea Level Rises

3.   USA says 2015 may be last chance for global UN climate change deal

4.   BP: We are going to miss the 2°C warming target

5.   Black soot impact on global warming worse than thought: study

6.   2012 joined list of hot years, coming in at number 10, US says

7.   NASA Satellite Images Reveal Dramatic Increase in Air Pollution Over China

8.   Desertification solution? Olive Trees.

9.   Global Warming and the Rare Haleakala Silverswords

10.                     Updated: ‘Black Carbon’ research fuels hopes of policy action

11.                     Tea 2030 group aims to protect the humble cuppa from climate threats

12.                     Ridley, Murdoch, and Lomborg Attempt to Greenwash Global Warming

13.                     2012 ninth warmest year since 1880: NASA

14.                     A cooler planet by design

15.                     Zero emission synfuel from seawater


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