Global Warming Updates January 19-20 ,2015

Climate Changes Updates 19-20 January  2015

1.   Seven stairs to Paris: A pathway to fixing climate change

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2.   Small temperature rise could devastate wheat yields, say scientists

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3.   Polluting the planet is a betrayal of God, says Pope Francis

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4.   Policy U-turns threaten Australia’s green economy – analysts

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5.   Ban Ki-moon appoints WWF’s Janos Pasztor as climate advisor

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6.   India’s Modi calls for “paradigm shift” on climate

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7.   Climate change threatens staple potato crop in high Andes

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8.   UN climate chief: Carbon bubble is now a reality

9.   Meet the unlikely climate allies bridging divides in UN talks

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10.                     Pope’s climate-change stand deepens conservatives’ distrust

11.                                             Tokyo to Get $385 Million Hydrogen Makeover for Olympics

12.                     California’s Forests: Where Have All the Big Trees Gone?

13.                     The state of the climate movement in America

14.                                             On snow, science and federal cuts to research funding

15.                     Dangerously in denial on climate change

16.                     Food diversity under siege from global warming, U.N. says

17.                     Eugene Robinson: Republicans are stubbornly blocking the road on climate

18.                     Here’s what climate activists should do in 2015

19.                     China cuts energy intensity by 4.8 pct in 2014

20.                     Obama on Climate Change: “No Challenge Poses a Greater Threat to Future Generations”

21.                     NASA Photos Show Climate Change’s Impact on Glaciers, Ice

22.                     Pope Francis Says Humans Cause Climate Change. These Catholic Members Of Congress Disagree.

23.                     Why Developing Countries are Disproportionately Affected by Climate Change — and What Can They Do About it

24.                     Despite Threat, Few CEOs Say Climate Change Should Be Government Focus

25.                     The Tragedy of Climate Change Reports

26.                     Why it’s good to laugh at climate change

27.                     U.S. senators aim to force high-profile vote on climate science

28.                     Obama calls climate change our greatest threat

29.                     Free Climate Change Adaptation Seminar for Journalists

30.                     Rampell: Dangerously in denial on climate change

31.                     Climate change researcher to sit with first lady at SOTU

32.                     Climate change debate

33.                     Ph.D student’s research links climate records to Mayans’ disappearance

34.                     Study Downgrades Climate Impact of Wood Burning

35.                     Specialist discusses changing climate

36.                     Latina Climate Scientist To Watch State Of The Union With Michelle Obama

37.                     Aircraft, research vessel, and ground stations will gather data on California drought

38.                     Report: Romney Says Global Warming Is Real And A Problem

39.                     Obama: We Should Act Like Global Warming Threatens National Security

40.                     135 years of global warming in one terrifying animation

41.                        Are Republicans Preparing To Surrender The Global Warming Debate?

  1. The Most Dishonest Year on Record

43.                        Science Cafe discusses global warming

44.                        Oil Prices Drop As Global Warming Rises


46.                        Food diversity under siege from global warming, UN says

47.                        Global warming sparks higher fire risk

48.                        Debating reality: global warming and climate change


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