Global Warming Updates January 21, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 21 January 2014

1)   U.S. Delegation to Press Issues Like Climate Change and Syria


2)   Climate change: 2013 ranked 4th warmest year


3)   Research: Climate change good for Arctic geese



4)   Stop the foot-dragging on climate change,0,6383495.story#axzz2r5x9LWkw


5)   Severe El Niño Weather To ‘Double’ As Climate Change Continues To Warm Planet, Study Finds


6)   Poll: Most Louisianians see climate change as serious problem


7)   Alberta to host World Economic Forum on climate change in April

8)   The Earth As Witness: International Dharma Teachers’ Statement on Climate Change


9)   Was Stone Age culture driven by CLIMATE CHANGE? Advances in language coincided with a rise in rainfall

10)                     Not all species will be endangered by climate change

11)                                             How Canada’s Arctic lab keeps a watchful eye on climate change


12)                     Skiing down the slippery slope of climate change


13)                     Scientists to look for link between California drought, climate change


14)                                             Europe Divides Over More Ambitious Pollution Limits

15)                     Stop the foot-dragging on climate change,0,6383495.story#axzz2r2MUPqeV

16)                     Industry realism curtails EU’s long-term climate ambitions

17)                     US tops list for whopping 22pc of total global warming

18)                     Climate change ‘will double’ El Niño events



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