Global Warming Updates January 21-25 ,2015

Climate Changes Updates 21-25 January  2015

1.  UK political consensus on climate could crumble like Australia’s

2.  Blocking climate action threatens child health, Obama tells Congress

3.  Pharrell announces Live Earth gigs to mobilise climate action

4.  US demand for gasoline soars as price falls

5.  Al Gore warns oil chiefs against climate denial

6.  New Atlantis: Immersive theatre lays bare climate dilemmas

7.  Oil chiefs hold Davos meeting to debate climate strategy

8.  US Senate agrees climate change is not a hoax, but split on causes

9.  Sea level rise faster than feared, say scientists

10.                   State Department asks Disney for climate change Frozen spin-off

11.                   Climate still seen as niche issue at World Economic Forum

12.                   Modi to seek US backing for India clean energy development

13.                   UN ready to receive national climate plans for 2015 deal

14.                   Doomsday clock: climate and nuclear arsenals push disaster closer

15.                   Ban Ki-moon: Lack of focus on green investment “troubling”

16.                   Development goals at stake in new UN disaster risk deal

17.                   Hollande calls for global “solidarity” in fight against climate change

18.                   Arctic still profitable despite $50 oil – Statoil

19.                   Obama and Modi promise to back strong UN climate pact

20.                   The massive scale of California’s drought, and how it informs the climate change debate

21.                   U.N. moves toward ocean biodiversity treaty

22.                   MPs demand moratorium on fracking

23.                   The secrets of the shelf seas – one of Earth’s most important ecosystems

24.                                        Climate-change consensus is reached everywhere except in Washington

25.                   The world must tackle climate change: editorial

  1. Why we need to address population growth’s effects on global warming

27.                   No prospect of relief from constant nuclear headache

28.                   How Keystone Review Undercut Obama’s Climate Policies

29.                   U.S., India deepen cooperation in defence, clean energy

30.                   Sunday explainer: Do wind turbines harm your health?

31.                   Renewable energy investments likely to cross $10 billion this year

32.                   U.S. And India Announce ‘Cooperation’ On Climate Change

33.                   Official Wants Frozen to Teach Kids About Climate Change

34.                   Mike Huckabee: ISIL Beheadings Threaten U.S. More Than ‘Sunburn’ Of Climate Change

35.                   Nick Stern Is Wrong; Climate Change Is Not The Largest Market Failure The World Has Ever Seen

36.                   Climate change is not a concern for CEOs? That should keep us all awake

37.                   U.S. And India Make Climate Change Announcement On First Day Of Obama’s Trip

38.                   Smerconish to Santorum: Is Your Answer on Climate Change ‘Do Nothing’?


  1. President Obama, Cut Dirty Nuclear Power From Your Climate-Change Talks

41.                   Climate Change Could Turn Chicago into Texas, Report Claims

42.                   Address of climate change needed

43.                   Leaders in Davos Urge Quick Action to Alter the Effects of Climate Change

44.                                        Climate change expected to bring more extreme La Ninas

45.                   The Senate Actually Just Acknowledged Climate Change Is Real

46.                   Study: Climate change could hammer Iowa ag, manufacturing

47.                   Coping with climate change

48.                   Ontario wakes up to global warming after big sleep: Cohn

49.                   The U.S. has caused more global warming than any other country. Here’s how the Earth will get its revenge.

50.                   Scientists move Doomsday Clock: Global warming apparently an imminent threat


51.                   Climategate, the sequel: How we are STILL being tricked with flawed data on global warming

52.                   Romney Calls For ‘Real Leadership’ On Global Warming


54.                                        Pro/Con: Should states raise gas taxes to curb global warming?

55.                   The one (broken) chart that proves global warming hasn’t paused

56.                   UFO’s and global warming — it’s science,folks–by-Bob-Gaydos-Arrogance_Climate_Conspiracy_Earth-150125-981.html

57.                   Signs of global warming sprout in Paso Robles backyard

58.                   Al Gore: Spend $90 Trillion To Ban Cars From Every Major City In The World


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