Global Warming Updates January 22, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 22 January 2014

1)       At Davos, a push for clean energy to contain climate change

2)   Study: Higher tides from climate change likely to make hurricane flooding worse

3)   What Is The Most Dangerous Impact Of Climate Change?

4)   Tony Eggleton offers an excellent introduction to climate change

5)   New CU-Boulder study shows differences in mammal responses to climate change

6)   Ambitious climate change goals too costly for EU

7)   Hollywood stars, journalists come together on climate change project

8)   Finally, a reason for a bit of optimism about climate change

9)   Loss of renewable target is backward step in fight against climate change

10)                            Larger Animals Show Greatest Response to Climate Change

11)              Hot days don’t prove climate change

12)             In Davos, leaders push for cleaner energy to limit climate change

13)             National Advisory Council on Climate Change launched in Tuvalu

14)              Wanted: a ‘clean trillion’ dollar investment to limit climate change

15)             Climate Change Research Is Globally Skewed

16)             North and Tropical Atlantic Ocean bringing climate change to Antarctica, study finds

17)             Aron Cramer: ‘Income Inequality And Climate Change Are Actually Very Directly Linked’

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