Global Warming Updates January 24-26, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 24-26 August 2013

1)    Why Climate Change Is Ignored

2)    A Scientist Warning About Climate Change

3)    ‘Effects of aerosols on clouds, climate change unclear’

4)    Fracking firms ‘should pay £6bn a year tax to compensate for climate change’

5)    What Is the Most Dangerous Impact of Climate Change?

6)    Climate change: A serious threat

7)    Barnidge: Waging war on climate change, one speaking engagement at a time

8)    Liberally yours: Climate change, moss, and the polar vortex

9)    Climate change: Rainforest absorption of CO2 becoming erratic

10)                       Environmental folly: Cutting the domestic climate change budget is a mistake

11)                       Climate change: Food security should be top priority for Pakistan

12)                       Palm Beach County considers climate-change measures

13)                       Most Latinos want government action on climate change, poll finds,0,5872856.story#ixzz2ragWphnB

14)                       ‘Windfall’ explores the business of climate change

15)                       Polar Bears ‘More Resilient’ To Climate Change Than Thought, Can Survive Ice Melt By Modifying Diet


16)                       New sea ice map offers a long-term look at climate change

17)                       A pelican problem

18)                       Fracking in eastern Virginia

19)                       Worse than useless

20)                       Cost of climate change high on Davos agenda


21)                       ‘Pakistan worst affected by climate change’

22)                       Climate change: Can we stop with the deep-freeze science-denying?: Editorial

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