Global Warming Updates January 26-27 ,2015

Climate Changes Updates 26-27 January  2015

1.   Senate blocks measure to build Keystone XL pipeline; discussions will continue

2.   Bloomberg, Paulson and Steyer release bipartisan report on climate change risks to Midwest

3.   Charlie Baker’s challenge: keeping power affordable — and green

4.   Once-in-a-lifetime chance to face climate change

5.   We should not surrender to climate change

6.   Climate change will hit Australia harder than rest of world, study shows

7.   Global warming could make blizzards worse

8.   Climate change skeptic accused of violating disclosure rules

9.        Study: Global warming ‘doubles risk’ of extreme weather

10.                     Greece: Syriza juggles coal, pipelines and climate ambitions

11.                     EPA chief headed to Vatican to talk climate change

12.                     Obama and Modi promise to back strong UN climate pact

13.                     “I’m pretty optimistic” – lead US climate lawyer on Paris talks

14.                     UK lawmakers make climate case for fracking ban

15.                     Met Office: 2014 ties with 2010 for hottest year

16.                     UK government pledges to consult scientists on fracking

17.                     US-India deal boosts nuclear and solar but is quiet on coal

18.                     John Ashton: Fracking push is an insult to democracy

19.                     Obama bans oil drilling in 9.8 million acres of Arctic ocean

20.                     Global calculator: 7 emissions pathways for the world

21.                     On climate change, ‘not a scientist’ not enough for some U.S. Republicans

22.                     The Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change In One Infographic
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  1. Bill Nye Blames Blizzard on Climate Change, Because of Course

24.                     Is Climate Change To Blame For The Northeast Snow Storm?

25.                     Tony Abbott still lives in the 18th century on climate change, says Labor


27.                     So does this huge blizzard disprove climate change?

28.                     Climate change skeptic accused of violating disclosure rules

29.                     An upside of climate change? Gray whales abundant in California

30.                     Blizzards and climate change, Drone Dome, and more

31.                     Snow looks pretty. But climate change and the storms it triggers are dangerous

32.                     India and U.S. Commit to Global Fight against Climate Change

33.                     Research suggests climate change threatens Alberta wetlands


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