Global Warming Updates January 27, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 27 January 2014

1)   Teenage polar explorer on quest to raise climate change awareness

2)   Coca-Cola Climate Change Cavalry… May Be Too Late


3)   It may be cold today, but the climate is heating up 
4)   CBS Boss Will Meet With Senators Pushing More Climate Change Coverage

5)       Editorial: Coping with climate change

6)   IPCC hearing brings UK closer to US polarisation on climate change

7)   Is Europe Retreating From Its Climate Change Leadership?

8)   Inside the Complicated Relationship Between Natural Gas and Climate Change


10)                    UK climate change spend almost halved under Owen Paterson, figures reveal

11)                    Climate change is spoken of in hushed tones, but it wasn’t always this way

12)                                           Consider Climate Change for Post-Sandy Rebuilding: Feds


13)                    Obama likely to target natural gas, climate change in State of the Union


14)                    Barnidge: Waging war on climate change, one speaking engagement at a time

15)                    ‘An Inconvenient Youth’ Tells The Truth About Climate Change

  • Tunisia embeds climate change in constitution

17)                    Gambia: Curbing Climate Change

18)                    A Changing Climate: More Extreme Weather Ahead,0,2348735.story

19)                    The truth about David Cameron’s fracking fairytale


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