Global Warming Updates January 28, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 28 January 2014

1)   Addressing climate change, Obama pledges commitment to clean energy

2)   24 House Republicans Just Voted To Deny The Reality Of Climate Change

3)   Climate change threatens tea crops

4)  Tricks of the Trade That Block Climate Change Progress

5)  UConn climate change institute to be ‘world class’

6)   Vulnerable to climate change, Cameroon tackles the problem head-on

7)   Editorial: David Jolly, Lucas Overby wrong on climate change

8)  ‘Climate change is a fact,’ Obama declares

9)  COLUMN: Climate change: A serious threat

10)                                           Editorial: Coping with climate change

11)                    A climate change of heart by the European Union?,0,1215111.story#ixzz2rlYINZUq

12)                    State Department bureau’s climate change data can’t be relied upon, audit says

13)                   UN warns climate change is drowning Senegal

14)                                           Teenage polar explorer hikes to South Pole on quest to raise climate change awareness

15)                                        Climate change ‘could be making fish smaller’ say Aberdeen researchers

16)                   Cold here; hot there: Climate change is real

17)                    Entrepreneurs Looking For ‘Windfall’ Cash In On Climate Change

18)                    None Of The Republicans Giving State Of The Union Responses Take Climate Change Seriously

20)                    A climate change of heart by the European Union?,0,1215111.story#ixzz2rlaW9T8Q   


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