Global Warming Updates January 4-6,2013

Climate Changes Updates 4-6 January


  1. Under the Weather, Literally: More Rainfall and Bigger Storms May Lead to More Stomach Upsets

  1. Natural disasters cost $160bn in 2012

  1. New fracking research: Bad for climate, fine for your health

  1. Obama boosts support for biofuels industry

  1. $60bn Hurricane Sandy loss and damage package hangs in balance

  1. Heatwave heralds hot, dry summer

  1. Heatwave adds burn to climb in temperatures

  1. Heatwave prompts warning to pet owners

  1. Sydney to be spared worst of giant heat wave

  1. 2012 sure was a hot one

  1. Push for halt to Arctic drilling after latest Shell mishap

  1. Extreme weather deadly for the vulnerable

  1. Carbon Dioxide Concentrations and Sea Level

  1. Oil is Still World’s Largest Energy Source, But Coal and Natural Gas are Gaining

  1. Methane leaks cast doubt on shale gas climate credentials

  1. Scientists urge immediate climate action to limit costs

  1. Climate Show New Year podcast special: where it’s at and where it’s going

  1. Lean Manufacturing: Addressing Climate Change Through Reductions In Waste

  1. Frequently Asked Questions About Ocean Acidification

  1. Heatwave hits Australia, triggering bushfires

  1. Tell Me Why: Climate Science Is So Important

  1. Tell Me Why: Questions Swirl Around Climate & Tornadoes

  1. Tell Me Why: The Climate Extremes Index Matters

  1. Oysters Killed by Climate Change’s Evil Twin

  1. Small Tsunami Follows 7.5 Alaskan Earthquake

  1. 40 Seafloor Gas Seeps Found Off US East Coast

  1. Record Temperature Set: Colder than Absolute Zero


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