Global Warming Updates January 7-8 ,2015

Climate Changes Updates 7-8 January  2015

  1. Obama faces first climate test of 2015 with Keystone vote – See more at:

  2. Optimism from UK climate policy expert honoured by the Queen – See more at:
  3. Arctic oil “unburnable” in 2C world – study

  1. German heart disease deaths from heatwaves to rise fivefold – See more at:
  2. Climate sceptics gain platform at Indian Science Congress – See more at:
  3. President Obama threatens Keystone XL veto

  1. 2015 – a year for the EU to rebuild climate diplomacy links – See more at:
  2. Obama prepares crackdown on methane emissions

9.   Brazil’s Former Sports Minister is Moved to Science Post Despite Rejection of Global Warming Science

10.                     How Falling Oil Prices Could 
Help Stop the Keystone Project

11.                     The Guardian view on cheaper oil and the environment: an invitation for business as usual

12.                     EPA delays regulations on cutting carbon at coal power plants

13.                     ‘Rock-star pope’ intends to amplify his climate message

14.                     Survey Finds Doctors Concerned About Impacts Of Climate Change On Patient Health

15.                     Are Oil and Gas Industries Behind the Rare Texas Earthquakes?

16.                     Gov. Brown’s renewable energy plan could boost solar, wind industries

17.                     Nebraska court could hold up Keystone pipeline

18.                                             Fracking’s Methane Leakage To Be Focus of Many Studies This Year

19.                     Climate Mission Impossible: Scientists Say Fossil Fuels Must Go Untapped

20.                     Two utilities opt out of Cape Wind

21.                     American Petroleum Institute shares spotlight with renewables in its annual report

22.                     Keystone claims are wildly wrong, on both sides: Editorial

23.                     Climate change’s instructive past

24.                     Senate’s top climate change denier taking center stage

25.                     Only 8 States Have Congressional Delegations Free of Climate-Change Deniers

26.                                             Photographers Chronicle How Climate Change Is Altering Communities

27.                     Dems Tip Their Hand on Climate-Change Fight as Senate Keystone Bill Advances

28.                                             Polar Bears Stand Up to Climate Change

29.                     Climate change push as Victoria seeks to join with NSW and South Australia

30.                     Climate change webinar series starts Jan. 13

31.             The Carbon Diet Fallacy

32.                     Henry Cisneros: We’re Hitting ‘Point Of No Return’ On Climate Change

33.                     Climate change: 2014 warmest year ever recorded in California

34.                     Prepare for rising migration driven by climate change, governments told

35.                     Could climate change have played a role in the AirAsia crash?

36.                     Governments Should Plan for Climate Change Migrants

  1. California’s bold attack on climate change

  1. Kirk clarifies view on climate change

39.                     Leave fossil fuels buried to prevent climate change, study urges

40.                                             Commentary: Growing body of evidence undermining notion of global warming ‘pause’

  1. Honeywell’s Low-Global-Warming Material Insulates Homes In Canada

42.                     Where in the World Are the Fossil Fuels That Cannot Be Burned to Restrain Global Warming?

43.                     California Imposes Global Warming Tax For Fuel … On Top Of Gas Taxes

44.                       Jim Inhofe is a small-plane-flying, global-warming-denying senator. And now he’s got a gavel.

45.                       Economics supports immediate action on global warming

46.                       Yes, It’s Cold. Global Warming Is Still Real.

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