Global Warming Updates January 7,2013

Climate Changes Updates 7 January

  1. Major Cuts to Surging Carbon Dioxide Emissions Are Needed Now, Not Down the Road, Study Finds

  1. Seismic Fabric Coming On the Market

  1. Counting the Cost of Mercury Pollution

  1. Carbon market shrinks 36% but signs for a prosperous 2013 remain

  1. Hobbits set to dominate in a warming world

  1. Climate scientists say sea level rise estimates must be increased

  1. Prince Charles repeats call for urgent climate change action

  1. Prince Charles urges swift climate action as he prepares to become a grandfather

  1. Dark matter for Greenland melting

  1. Plans to build 292 Himalayan hydroelectric dams described as “train wreck”

  1. ‘Dome of heat’ covers the continent

  1. Bushfire threatens town in state’s west

  1. Canberra‘s hot, but Batemans forecast to boil

  1. Sydney to swelter but heat records won’t be broken

  1. Fires blaze as state prepares for heatwave

  1. Biofuels may not be as green as hoped: Nature

  1. Climate threat to state assets

  1. New Doubt Cast on Link Between Global Warming and Increased Drought

  1. Sea Level Rise

  1. Sea level rise of more than 3 feet plausible by 2100

  1. ‘Reef Balls’: A Strange Name for an Ocean Cure-All

  1. News

Tennessee Senators Block Reappointment of Energy and Climate Policy Professor to TVA Board

Retiring Republican Chair of House Rules Committee Calls Climate Action a Priority

California Receives Federal Waiver on Vehicle Emission Standards

New York to Increase Energy Efficiency of State Buildings

Gov. O’Malley Orders Maryland Agencies to Consider Sea Level Rise in Building Placement

Kyoto Protocol’s Second Commitment Period Began Jan. 1, 2013

Post-Sandy, Rebuilding Quickly Versus Rebuilding Resiliently

Arctic Ocean Absorbing More Solar Energy Than Previously Thought

New Study Finds Methane Leaks of Up to Nine Percent at Fracking Sites

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