Global Warming Updates January 8, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 8 January 2014

1.  White House: It May Be Cold, But Climate Change Is Real

2.  It’s Cold Outside, So CNN Debates Climate Change

3.  PMQs: Cameron on climate change and abnormal weather

4.  U.S. Cold Snap Inspires Climate Change Denial, While Scientists See Little Room for Doubt

5.  Cold Weather Brings Out the Climate Change Deniers

6.  Why Canada sucks on climate change

7.  Cameron ‘suspects’ floods linked to climate change

8.  OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Climate change, polar vortex, war on coal take center stage
9.  60-acre forest near Eureka joins Smithsonian survey on climate change

10.                    Climate Change in US: Divisions To Come


11.                    Warring dogmas block climate-change progress

12.                    Penguins’ Climate-Change Solution? Cliff-Climbing

13.                    New Democrats laud Tory MP for ‘finally’ recognizing the impact of climate change

14.                    B.C. Liberals disregard climate-change commitments in push for LNG

15.                    Scientists to study climate change impact in Sunderbans

16.                    Professor: Record Freezes ‘Mean Very Little’ on Climate Change


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