Global Warming Updates January 9-11 ,2015

Climate Changes Updates 9-11 January  2015

1.   Canberra’s on track to deal with climate change

2.   Climate change: 2014 warmest year ever recorded in California

3.   Climate Change and “Everything Else,” Including Capitalism

4.   NASA’s year of climate change research kicks off, with a little help from Washington companies

5.   Top 5 things to do around Jackson include forum on climate change, Michigan Theatre benefit concert

6.   EPA chief on climate change: “The scary thing is doing nothing”

7.   Climate change’s past is instructive

8.   Cheaper oil complicates war on climate change

9.   South Jersey Mayor to Visit Arctic on Climate Change Expedition

10.                     Climate change: Why some of us won’t believe it’s getting hotter

11.                     On Kerry’s India visit, action on trade and climate change are priorities

12.                     Too Dirty For The USA – High-Pollution Fuels Exported

13.                     GOP sets sights on Colorado energy mandates

14.                     Our View: Ruling strikes balance on fracking

15.                     Pakistan’s coastal villagers retreat as seas gobble land

16.                     Energy Policy in the New Year

17.                     Drought threatens to push small Valley cities to the brink

18.                     U.S. climate envoy sees tough test in Paris

19.                     Peter Ray: It’s just tip of the iceberg for global warming

20.                    Opinion: 2014 shows global warming has not stopped

21.                     Vince Hatt: Global warming is national security threat

22.                                           What would it take to slow global warming? Gigatonnes of restraint

23.                    Should we heed the Pope on global warming?: Red/Blue America

24.                    Just 90 companies produced two-thirds of all global warming emissions ever

25.                    Don’t blame cattle for global warming

  1. Kerry faces heat after Nebraska court gives Keystone green light – See more at:
  2. EU climate official vows to protect heavy polluters – See more at:
  3. Australia wildfires turn up heat on Abbott climate policies – See more at:
  4. Climate calendar: Key dates for your 2015 diary

  1. Warming oceans speeding up climate change cycle

  1. Charlie Hedbo: Artists and environmentalists

32.                    Study examines safeguarding beef production in a changing climate

33.                    Finding best ways to safeguard beef production in changing climate

  1. More research on tackling climate change impacts stressed


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