Global Warming Updates January 9, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 9- January 2014

1)   Don’t shoot the climate change messenger

2)   Penguins’ climate-change solution? Cliff-climbing

3)   Boxer and Whitehouse: Dem Leaders Back New Push on Climate Change

4)   Too early to link UK extreme weather to climate change, says Met Office

5)   Ignore Climate Change at Your Peril

6)   Newt Gingrich spouts nonsense about dinosaurs and climate change

  • Our newest weapon against climate change: Little mushrooms

8)   The Front Lines of Climate Change: Charleston’s Struggle

9)   Obama’s Climate Change Lies

10)                    Dancing around the issues of climate change as householders feel the chill

11)                    Climate change warning labels on gas pumps?

12)                    James Inhofe interrupts Senate unemployment debate to blame climate change on God

13)                    Prime Minister climate change opinion not backed up by science, says Met Office

14)                    Experts urge Hawaii lawmakers to address climate change

15)                    It’s Colder? Hotter? Blame Climate Change


  • Letter: Huck will see more ice, storms because of climate change


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