Global Warming Updates july 08-15, 2014

Climate Change Updates 8-15 july 2014
Golden eagles ‘can return to south of Scotland’
Mary Robinson given UN climate change role
Energy complaints soar, Energy Ombudsman says
England ‘exposed’ to climate risks
Scotland ‘on course for second warmest year ever’
Artificial snow on slopes of hotter Australia
What Plastic Baby Bottles and Climate Change Have in Common
NC coast at risk for more flooding with climate change
People who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity
How California can best fight climate change
China and US sign deals on climate change
Staff at the UN Climate Convention Back Climate Neutral Campaign
Shark teeth analysis provides detailed new look at Arctic climate change
Fight climate change by building away from sea: Rupert Murdoch
As climate changes, world weather agency calls for new baseline
UN climate proposal paves way for rich-poor discord
UK on track to miss carbon targets, climate change advisers warn–climate-change-advisers-warn/
Businesses with no climate change plan risk ‘failure’
Climate Change Decadal Pause Study — Accidental Climate Mitigation
Climate change sceptics ‘must be heard on the BBC’
Lord Lawson: BBC has banned me because of my climate change scepticism
Hospitals at increasing risk of overheating due to climate change
UN handed masterplan to tackle climate change
Mary Robinson appointed UN climate change envoy
Climate change signals the end of Australian shiraz as we know it–finance.html
Is Ethanol Causing Food Disruption and Contributing to Climate Change?
Climate Change Heats Up U.S-China Summit
In Las Vegas, Climate Change Deniers Regroup, Vow to Keep Doubt Alive
China, US join hands to fight climate change
The Plot to Keep Climate Change Denial Alive
BBC Finally Dumps “False Balance” in Climate Change Reporting
Climate Change News – July 14, 2014

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