Global Warming Updates July 15-16, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 15-16 July 2013

1)   Air pollution kills millions each year, says study

2)   Analysis: Fracking water’s dirty little secret – recycling

3)   Why Don’t Farmers Believe in Climate Change?

4)   The Space Race Is On for Climate, Weather Privatization

5)   ‘Blessing the facts,’ evangelical scientists urge Congress to reduce carbon emissions

6)   Can Republicans Take the Lead on Climate Change?

7)   Making Cities More Resilient in the Face of Climate Change

8)   Why Would Google Hold a Fundraiser for Climate Denier Senator Inhofe?

9)   The Weather Company Confronts Climate Change Denial Head On

10)                     Trade-Offs Between Food Security and Climate Change Mitigation Explored

11)                     Keys to Reducing the Impact of Agriculture On Climate Change

12)                     Scientists Outline Long-Term Sea-Level Rise in Response to Warming of Planet

13)                     Free Market Is Best Way to Combat Climate Change, Study Suggests

14)                     Link between climate and drought certain in USA

15)                     Obama’s climate change action plan could swing in favour of UK

16)                     Climate change brings small rise in air pollution deaths

17)                     Making Cities More Resilient in the Face of Climate Change

18)                     UK climate movement planning to ‘relaunch’ in spring 2014

19)                     Carbon Dioxide’s invisibility is what causes global warming

20)                     They didn’t change the name from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change’

  • Pacific Island summit ends with call for climate compensation

22)                     How Farmers Can Help Fight Climate Change


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