Global Warming Updates july 16-21 2014

Climate change updates 16-21 July
Shuttle diplomacy in climate countdown
Lawson’s climate-sceptic group hit by charity status row
Mary Robinson given UN climate change role
England ‘exposed’ to climate risks
OSU-Cascades anthropologist studies climate change
March against climate change crosses pipeline’s path
Axel Wüstenhagen, Media Master at the Climate Talks, Passes Away
Hendricks: spirit of change in climate policy
Merkel returns to climate politics with call for EU leadership
Shale gas reserves in the North West ‘worth £10bn’
How oil and gas firms gained influence and transformed North Dakota
Size and age of plants impact their productivity more than climate
Climate: Meat turns up the heat as livestock emit greenhouse gases
A 10-year endeavor: NASA’s Aura and climate change
Putting a price tag on the 2 degree Celsius climate target
Climate models on the mark, Australian-led research finds
Al Gore, EU climate chief Connie Hedegaard regret carbon price repeal

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