Global Warming Updates July 24-25, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 24-25 July 2013

1)      Protesters Target Google’s Ties to James Inhofe, Senate’s Noted Climate-Change Denier

2)    The Price of Defame

3)    Climate science: Vast costs of Arctic change

4)    White House Undercuts Coal Power Plant Water Pollution Rule

5)    China to invest $277 billion to curb air pollution: state media

6)    World-Changing Technology Enables Crops to Take Nitrogen from the Air

7)    Deciphering the Air-Sea Communication: Ocean Significantly Affects Long-Term Climate Fluctuations

8)    Tropical Ecosystems Boost Carbon Dioxide as Temperatures Rises

9)    Shifting Patterns of Temperature Volatility in the Climate System

10) US Republicans seek to stymie Obama on climate

11)  NSW Forestry Corporation fined for damaging environment

12) Keystone oil sands to emit 1.2b tones of CO2: NRDC

13) EIB aligns lending criteria with EU energy and climate policy

14) Climate Change Slowdown Is Due To Warming Of Deep Oceans, Say Scientists

15) Marsh: Infrastructure investors overlooking climate threats

16) Arctic thawing could cost the world $60tn, scientists say

17) How do we know more CO2 is causing warming?

18) World finances shift from coal to renewable energy

19) Bee Decline Threatens Entire Ecosystems


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