Global Warming Updates July 3-4, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 3-4 July 2013

1)   Climate extremes are ‘unprecedented’

2)   UN: 2001-2010 decade shows faster warming trend

3)   World suffered unprecedented climate extremes in past decade: WMO

  • Peru Will Look For Global Commitment On Climate Change During COP 20

5)   Obama climate change plan faces political, practical challenges amid industry criticism

6)   Extreme weather threatens economy

7)   Climate Change Deniers Using Dirty Tricks from ‘Tobacco Wars’

8)   Globe warms at unprecedented rate, WMO report says

9)   European Commission invests €281m in new environment and climate projects

10)                    Coal’s future dims under Obama’s climate plan

11)                    City dwellers produce more carbon dioxide

12)                    Insight: stricter environment-protection rules are not always better

13)                    Weather Extremes UN Report

14)                    We keep moaning about population, but ignore consumption habits

15)                    Is global warming the greatest scientific discovery?

16)                    2001-2010, A Decade of Climate Extremes

17)                    Climate change science: what’s in a name?

  • Pacific Islands gather to discuss growing climate threat

  • UN warns decade of climate disruption set to continue –

  • Analysis: France’s climate ambition starts to unravel –

21)                    Past and Future El Nino Ghosts Haunting Climate

22)                    Understanding climate change and effects of El Niño events

23)                    Climate change listed for UN Security Council attention

24)                    Teaching climate change to the young


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