Global Warming Updates July 31, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 31 July 2013

1)   British Gas owner Centrica in energy price rise warning

2)   Australia greenhouse emissions now at zero growth

3)   Global beer production cuts down on water and energy use

4)   EXCLUSIVE: Mainstream business must ‘deepen’ sustainability thinking–deepen–sustainability-thinking-/

5)   Greenhouse emissions stable over decade as GDP grew 31%

6)   New US EPA chief vows to tackle climate change

7)   Harvard fund hires environment head amid carbon divestment demands

8)   2013 likely to be one of hottest years ever

9)   Arctic methane catastrophe scenario is based on new empirical observations

10)                     What chemistry started life on Earth?

11)                     Insight: how good are climate models?

12)                     China Plans To Spend $275 Billion To Combat Pollution Crisis

13)                     Animal Traffic Jams A Likely Result Of Climate Change

14)                     Nigeria: High Usage of Renewable Energy Will Mitigate Global Climate Change Effects – AU Adviser

15)                     Climate ‘catastrophe’ looms in Pacific: Marshall Islands

16)                     How Waste Management Got Proactive on Environmental Justice

17)                     GOP Lawmakers Hit by Weather Tragedies Stay Mum on Climate Change

18)                     Sediment Trapped Behind Dams Makes Them ‘Hot Spots’ for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

19)                     Could Planting Trees in the Desert Mitigate Climate Change?


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