Global Warming Updates July 5-7, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 5-7 July 2013

1.  Atlantic braces for extreme hurricane season

2.  3000 missing as extreme floods swell Indian rivers

3.  Extreme wildfires the new normal for Arizona

4.  Is Space Traffic Creating More Clouds?

5.  Meet the American City Where Cars Have Been Banned Since 1898

6.  5 Cities Where Bikes Are Taking Over

  1. Global warming could wipe out microbes that ‘make life possible’ –

  1. Mayor of London could make fracking decision by 2014 –

9.   Two Expert — and Diverging — Views on Arctic’s Impact on Weather ‘Whiplash’

10.                    The first decade of 21st century was warmest since 1850.

11.                    Tree rings and pollen enable 1500-year temperature reconstruction

12.                    Fighting Global Warming: focussing on temperature is not enough

13.                    Ofgem chair-in-waiting vows to build low carbon UK

14.                    Toxic radiation found at Japanese plant

15.                    Octopus’ Blue Blood Allows Them to Rule the Waves

16.                    Jumping Snails Leap Over Global Warming

17.                    The Balancing Act of Producing More Food Sustainably

18.                    Mesoscale Ocean Eddies Impact Weather

  1. Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action

  1. UN climate change fund set for 2014 ribbon cutting

21.                    Europe must tackle air pollution, warn UN scientists

22.                    Climate change: moving from science to policy

23.                    Coal, jobs and climate change the debate

24.                    Climate change planning, prevention needed to protect Maine fisheries, say officials

25.                    NW Energy CEO Rowe: Utility considers climate change policy – but still relies plenty on coal



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