Global Warming Updates june 03-04,2013

Climate Changes Updates 3-4 June 2013

1)   UK shale gas reserves may be ‘bigger than first thought’

2)   Energy policy: Government sees off rebellion over 2030 carbon target

3)   Intense T-storms more likely to batter a warming world

4)   Study says climate is biofuel foe

5)   Climate change keeping early birds from getting worms, study finds

6)   DN Editorial: Political climate

7)   GOP members of Congress tie state’s reliance on coal to debate over climate change, EPA!/content/31212/climate_change_epa_gop?coverpage=3374

8)   Carbon rise spurs urgent call at UN climate talks

9)   Airlines agree to curb their greenhouse gas emissions by 2020

10)                     Roman Seawater Concrete Holds the Secret to Cutting Carbon Emissions

11)                     Climate Change May Increase the Risk of Severe Thunderstorms

12)                     Acceleration of Ocean Denitrification During Deglaciation Documented

13)                     Australian Lake Untouched by Climate Change

14)                     Gas leaks undermine climate benefit from switch

15)                     Climate campaigner warns of burning need to keep coal in the ground

16)                     Time to switch to ‘Plan B’ on climate change: study

17)                     Businesses and investors urge MPs to vote for 2030 decarbonisation target

18)                     Groundwater study reveals climate-model variability

19)                     China’s Growing Arctic Presence

20)                     Data from NASA’s Landsat 8 now available in almost real time

21)                     Remove the blinkers

22)                     As Sea Waters Rise, Costal Communities in Pakistan Suffer

23)                      Communicating climate change at the Maths of Planet Earth conference

24)                      Imbers et al. Test Human-Caused Global Warming Detection

25)                     Airlines call on governments to sign aviation emissions deal

26)                     83 developing states call for clear climate finance & emission pledges

27)                     USA and China intensify climate cooperation

28)                     Rate of ocean warming greater than previous estimates – study

29)                     7 Tips to Make You A Better Green Driver


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