Global Warming Updates june 05-06,2013

Climate Changes Updates 5-6 June 2013

1)     Wildfire Smoke A Rising Health Concern With Climate Change

2)     Geoengineering: an earthly gamble to combat global warming

3)     Climate change gets local

4)     Climate change: let’s bury the CO2 problem

5)     UN climate envoys urged to accelerate loss and damage planning

6)     Stalagmites Provide New View of Abrupt Climate Events Over 100,000 Years

7)     Pollution in Northern Hemisphere Helped Cause 1980s African Drought

8)     Predicting the Future of Coral Reefs in a Changing World

9)     NASA Builds Sophisticated Earth-Observing Microwave Radiometer

10) Alpine Lakes Reflect Climate Change

11) First Evidence That the Genome Can Adapt to Temperature Changes

12) Ancient Trapped Water Explains Earth’s First Ice Age

13) Human Deforestation Outweighs Climate Change for Coral Reefs

14) Scientists demand urgent action on reef mine plans

15) Climate change floods on the rise as central Europe lies submerged

16) Businesses called on to protect Natural Capital for World Environment Day

17) New guide to help sustainability managers make case for climate adaptation investment

18) New study by Skeptical Science author finds 100% of atmospheric CO2 rise is man-made

19) Lu Blames Global Warming on CFCs (Curve Fitting Correlations)

20) Zimbabwe calls for behavior change to combat global warming

21) Stormy weather set to increase due to climate change

22) Russia continues to block UN climate talks

23) Global carbon trading system needs urgent support warns UN chair

24) Southampton Varsity study: Recent technology advances help to predict climate change impact on ice-sheet mass losses

25) The Effects of Climate Change on Coral Reef Health

26) Antarctic ice loss less severe than previous IPCC estimates: research


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