Global Warming Updates june 10-11,2013

Climate Changes Updates 10-11 June 2013

1)   China outsources carbon emissions to poorer areas

2)   Plymouth diesel power stations ‘to help green energy’

3)   Severn Barrage: Environment and economy benefits ‘unproven’

4)   International Energy Agency urges stop-gap climate action

5)   Coral Fights Back Gradually From Ocean Heating

6)   New Climate Data Depict a City More at Risk

7)   What to Make of a Warming Plateau

8)   Natural disasters not odd coincidences: Column

9)   Wood Not So Green a Biofuel? Logging May Have Greater Impact On Carbon Emissions Than Previously Thought

10)                     Fetal Neuromaturation Associated With Mother’s Exposure to DDT and Other Environmental Contaminants

11)                     Fukushima Accident Raised Levels of Radioactive Strontium Off the East Coast of Japan by Up to 100 Times

12)                     China Is Outsourcing Carbon: Key Findings On Regional, Global Impact of Trade On Environment

13)                     BREAKING: Sir Robert Smith appointed temporary chair of energy and climate change committee–Sir-Robert-Smith-appointed-temporary-chair-of-energy-and-climate-change-committee/

14)                     Insight: regional climate models are not completely reliable

15)                     Volcanic Eruptions Linked to Cold Weather Events

16)                     Are Airlines doing enough to cut emissions?

17)                     US and China agree historic HFC climate change deal

18)                      A Miss by Myles: Why Professor Allen is wrong to think carbon capture and storage will solve the climate crisis

19)                     UN climate talks collapse amid acrimony in Bonn

20)                     Russian climate negotiator brands UNFCCC rules row “nonsense”

21)                     Analysis: is cleaner coal a climate change fix?

22)                     Ban Ki-moon hails work of climate scientists

23)                     Global Floods of the Future

24)                     News


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