Global Warming Updates june 14-18,2013

Climate Changes Updates 14-18 June 2013

1)   Are Britons rights to moan about the weather?

2)   Met Office experts meet to analyse ‘unusual’ weather patterns

3)   Climate change overseas likely to affect UK food supplies


  • Governor’s Raid on Greenhouse Gas Pollution Fund Sets Back Environmental Groups –

5)   China takes cautious step towards carbon emissions trading

6)   What to do about climate change

7)   Global Warming and Our Inconvenient Minds

8)   Obama considers sweeping climate plan,0,1769572.story

9)   Veteran of climate talks begins to feel slight momentum toward progress

10)               Climate Change Impact of Individual Transportation Choices Reported in New Study

11)               Predators Affect the Carbon Cycle, Study Shows

12)               Underwater Springs Reveal How Coral Reefs Respond to Ocean Acidification

13)               Pesticides Significantly Reduce Biodiversity in Aquatic Environments

14)               Jet Stream Changes Cause Climatically Exceptional Greenland Ice Sheet Melt

15)               ‘Cold Snap’ 116 Million Years Ago Triggered Marine Ecosystem Crisis

16)               Study of Oceans’ Past Raises Worries About Their Future

17)               Mixed week for climate action

18)               Climate change gets religious

19)               Government silent on climate coal report

20)               Obama readies climate action plan

21)               Emission setbacks add to climate summit pressure

22)               G8 summit: international climate policy and sustainable economic development ‘mutually reinforcing’

23)               Climate change abroad bigger threat to UK business than domestic dangers

24)               Update: UN climate change talks start making progress

25)               How can agriculture best adapt to changing climate?

26)               Bonn talks make “concrete progress” towards global climate deal

27)               PwC: UK companies must act now to limit ‘unavoidable’ climate risks

28)               Climate bond market doubles to $346bn in 2012

29)               Reduction in Arctic sea ice ‘could be cause of strange weather’

30)               Climate change to cause more deaths: report

  • 48 US mayors commit to protecting communities from climate change –

  • G8 leaders commit to 2015 climate change treaty

  • Climate change drops off G8 summit agenda

  • UN chief asks youth groups for help with climate challenge

35)               Climate Change Could Endanger More Animals Than We Thought

36)               Australian media failures promote climate policy inaction

37)               Think politics is frustrating? Welcome to climate negotiations

38)               News


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