Global Warming Updates june 19-20,2013

Climate Changes Updates 19-20 June 2013

1)   Ancient pollen in Brazilian rainforest offers climate clues

2)   Scarlet shorebird serves as harbinger of climate change between the poles

3)   Is NYC’s Climate Plan Enough to Win the Race Against Rising Seas?

4)   6 of the World’s Most Extensive Climate Adaptation Plans

5)   The time for climate action is now,0,6950357.story

6)   US lawmakers seek deep cuts to NASA climate research

7)   After Schmallenberg and Bluetongue, expert warns of new diseases threatening Britain’s livestock and crops because of global warming

8)   Can Obama go post-partisan on climate and offer carbon power plant rules?

9)   Expressly Unfit for the Laboratory: Little Correlation Between Microbial Gene Expression and Environmental Conditions in the Lab

10)                     Urban Trees Remove Fine Particulate Air Pollution, Save Lives

11)                     Siberian Caves Warn of Permafrost Meltdown

12)                     Contribution of Particulate Matter from Air Pollution to Forest Decline

13)                     Obama plans ‘commonsense’ climate action

14)                     Biodiversity report fails climate change test: ACF

15)                     FCC sells 50% stake in Proactiva to Veolia Environnement–stake-in-Proactiva-to-Veolia-Environnement-/

16)                     Ozone pollution may stop insects finding food

17)                     Increased Monsoon Rainfall Expected with Global Warming

18)                     Warming world hits fig wasps and figs

19)                     Obama warns of “grim alternative” to inaction on climate change

20)                     World Bank: Developing economies face “alarming” climate threats

21)                     Ed Davey: Climate change deniers are ‘crackpots’

22)                     G8 climate and security link ‘significant’ says expert

  • GEF pushes climate finance support for developing nations –

  • Solomon Islands dismiss US voluntary climate targets plan –

25)                     Time to stop arguing about climate change, World Bank says

26)                     Why would the ALP vote against stronger environmental protection?




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