Global Warming Updates June 2-3, 2014

Climate Changes Updates June 2-3, 2014

1)   Finally, the US gets serious on climate change

2)   US carbon cuts will leave world ‘safer and more stable’ says Obama

3)   Immigration laws must cater for climate refugees

4)   Show us the money if countries are to curb climate change: IEA

5)   China plans to cap carbon emissions from 2016

6)   What does the world think about new US carbon cuts?

7)   African Development Bank refuses to quit coal funding

8)   Climate change skepticism could risk GOP’s future in California 

  • Summer flounder stirs north-south climate change battle.

10)                     Where’s the Black Political Conversation on Climate Change?

11)                     Nearing a Climate Legacy

12)                     Health Experts See Benefits in Push to Cut Pollution

13)                     Rhetoric and Realities Around Obama’s ‘Carbon Pollution’ Power Plant Rules

14)                     Angst on the campaign trail as climate change becomes a key issue

15)                     Obama plan to tackle climate change puts Ottawa to shame: Editorial

16)                     STUDY: US Reporters Use More Weasel Words in Covering Climate Change

17)                     ROBINSON: U.S. must lead on climate change

18)                     Troy Moon: Climate change? Who will you believe?

  • Vitter: Climate change debate dominated by ‘outlandish’ claims

20)                     At Class Day, Al Gore talks climate change, jokes about grade deflation

21)                     Morgan Freeman: ‘Stupid’ to Ignore the Facts of Climate Change

22)                     Editorial: Canada is doing far too little on climate change

23)                     Senate panel hears testimony on jobs impact from climate change

24)                     Venezuela, capitalism & climate change

  • Op-ed: Climate-change solution starts at home

26)     When Global Warming Kills Your God

27)                     Broad Concern about Global Warming Boosts Support for New EPA Regulations

28)                     Reaction to Obama’s Global Warming Plan

29)                     Analysis: Newspapers less interested in climate impacts of shale oil than gas

30)                     WSP to Complete Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on Columbus Gold’s Montagne d’Or gold Deposit

  • OWG Co-Chairs Issue Zero Draft with 17 SDGs

32)                     Ilham Aliyev: Oil, gas projects to ensure Azerbaijan’s long-term, sustainable development

33)                     Singapore Hosts Largest Gathering Of Leaders For Sustainable Development

34)                     Lessons from Denmark on sustainable development


36)                     Sunmonu Charges Corporate Bodies on Sustainable Development

37)                     National conference on MDGs: Shift to sustainable development goals under Vision 2025 planned

  • Commission presents proposal to address global poverty and sustainable development


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