Global Warming Updates june 21-23,2013

Climate Changes Updates 21-23 June 2013

1)   I believe the Alberta floods were driven by climate change

2)   Obama climate plan faces early resistance ahead of rollout

3)   Barack Obama promises to outline US climate plan

4)   Climate change likened to heat of bomb blasts

5)   Climate change like atom bomb

6)   Weather is moving south at a rate of knots

7)   UNEP report: Firms must adapt to changing environment to secure private sector

8)   Cities tackling climate change retaining business investment says CDP

9)   Insight: indoor pollution from cooking stoves continues to kill millions

10)                     UN: Businesses must prepare for a changing climate

11)                     The weather prophets should be chucked in the deep end

12)                     Melting ice brings Norway and Asia closer together

13)                     The 10 dumbest quotes about climate change

14)                      Is More Global Warming Hiding in the Oceans?

  • Obama set to reveal new climate change plans on Tuesday –

  • Profits rule as cities plan for climate change – CDP report –

  • G8 climate and security link ‘significant’ says expert –

18)                     COLUMN-Study opens new cracks in scientific front on climate change: Gerard Wynn

19)                     Climate Change Means We’ll Be Living In a Very Wet World


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