Global Warming Updates june 26-27,2013

Climate Changes Updates 26-27 June 2013

1)     What is fracking and why is it controversial?

2)     UK given carbon emissions warning

3)     IEA: Global renewable energy growing fast

4)     Wild Alaskan weather intensifies climate debate

5)     Climate target No. 1: coal,0,3767714.story

6)     Obama’s climate plan may boost carbon trade

7)     Obama plan offers help to U.S. cities on climate’s front lines

8)     Algae Shows Promise as Pollution-Fighter, Fuel-Maker

9)     Global Warming May Affect Soil Microbe Survival, With Unknown Consequences On Soil Fertility and Erosion

10)                        Big Environmental Footprints: 21 Percent of Homes Account for 50 Percent of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

11)                        Climate Tug of War Disrupting Australian Atmospheric Circulation Patterns

12)                        Obama unveils sweeping climate plan

13)                        Limiting the impact of climate change action

14)                        Climate change disruption driving Starbuck’s sustainability agenda

15)                        After Long Wait, Obama Lays Out Fight Against Climate Change

16)                        Recycle food waste to hit climate change targets, say advisers

  • Desert offers clue to species’ climate survival

  • Climate change to make India monsoons worse

  • Russia: New UN climate deal could be ‘outdated’ from start

20)                        Success! Obama’s Climate Plan Includes Reducing Carbon Pollution


21)                        Emissions trading in China: risky, difficult, but necessary

22)                        Arctic thaw presents a massive methane danger zone

23)                        Antarctic ice shelves collapsing from warming waters


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