Global Warming Updates June 4-5, 2014

Climate Changes Updates June 4-5, 2014

1.        In Debate Over Coal, Looking to Lessons of ’90s Tobacco Fight

2.        Here’s How Much U.S. Summers Have Warmed Since 1970

3.                      OP-ED: Climate Change Threatens the Wild Beauty of Small Islands

  1. Editorial: Pollution control effort is historic moment

5.        Is New Emissions Plan a Turning Point in Our Love Affair With Coal?

  1. The GOP Is Freaking Out Over the EPA’s Carbon Rules. Why Aren’t Power Companies?

7.          Militaries Know That The Arctic Is Melting — Here’s How They’re Taking Advantage

8.        A Paltry Start in Curbing Global Warming

9.        UN outlines criteria for 2015 climate deal pledges

10.  Letter to Obama: Gambian envoy calls for US climate leadership

11.  G7′s focus on energy security ‘at odds with’ climate goals

12.  China set to launch Chongqing emissions trading scheme

13.  China sets target to slash potent ‘f-gas’ GHGs

14.  Could the Middle East face further unrest without a green revolution?

15.  MPs to develop ‘blueprint’ for 2015 climate deal

16.  Obama climate plan will deliver only a quarter of pledged 2030 cuts

17.  Scientists discover three new global warming gases

18.  Climate clings to sustainable development goals as debate intensifies

19.  Should immigration laws cater for climate refugees?

20.  EU to exceed 2020 climate target by 4.5%

21.  Where has global warming baked the most in US since 1984? Maine, Vermont, New Mexico, Texas

22.    A small ‘sigh of relief’ in climate debate

23.    Homebuyers must factor in climate change, warns Australian watchdog

24.  A kick-start to clearing the air,0,5094073.story

25.           No quick-fix solution for climate change, study says

26.    GOP Senate candidates grope for safe position on climate change

27.  Climate Change and Lake Michigan

28.    A Democrat goes on offense on climate change

29.  Billionaire sets up fund for victims of climate change

30.    Group of local leaders worry that climate change could impact La.’s coast

31.  Taking Climate Change Seriously

32.       Will Energy Firm Executives Be Sued for Ignoring Climate Change?

33.           The Real Scientific Consensus on Climate Change

34.  World Environment Day: Parliament’s non-stop fight against climate change

35.  Glacial tourism in the age of climate change

36.    Climate change “off the G20 agenda” as Australia prepares to abolish carbon price

  1. The Political Rhetoric Around Climate Change … Er, Global Warming

38.  Forum: God getting even with climate change

39.  Royal BC Botanist To talk About Climate Change and Forests June 18

40.    Cambodian PM vows to protect environment for sustainable development

41.  State of wildland fire emissions, carbon, and climate research

42.  ‘Sustainable development key to save green’

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