Global Warming Updates June 9-11, 2014

Climate Changes Updates June 9-11, 2014

1.       Partnership to research mid-Atlantic climate change

2.     Senior Democrat hopes Australia doesn’t turn back on climate change ‘leadership’

3.     Climate Change Hits America in the Sweet Tooth

4.     New Poll Shows Voters Are Ready To Pay To Blunt Climate Change

5.     Yes, black people talk about climate change

6.     SNP wasting £1million a day on green ‘crusade’ as climate change targets are missed again

7.            Climate Change and the Real Republican Party

  1. Americans by 2 to 1 Would Pay More to Curb Climate Change

9.     22 Devastating Effects Of Climate Change

10.  Cantor’s Downfall Won’t Push the GOP Rightward on Climate Change–There’s No More Room

11.   An offer they can’t refuse


13.  What Texas Could Do to Follow Climate Change Rules

  1. Study eyes effects of climate change in

15.  UK outlines new international climate finance strategy

16.  Vermont’s maple syrup threatened by climate change

17.  UK minister dismisses Australia and Canada climate ‘alliance’

18.  Azerbaijan and Georgia are taking the silent lead on climate action

19.  Russia-Ukraine crisis seeps into UN climate talks

20.                        Time for farming to be taken seriously at UN climate talks?

21.  Climate change could lead to China-India water conflict

22.                        Obama appeals to health benefits of acting on climate

23.                       US proposed carbon cap nears EU climate ambition

24.                       Denmark set to approve new climate change law

25.                       Brazil targets climate victory at ‘greenest’ World Cup

26.                       MPs agree on ‘blueprint’ for UN climate deal in 2015

27.                        Climate change hits America in the gut

28.                        Climate change gulf looms between Barack Obama and Tony Abbott

29.                        Climate change heats up ‘quants’ v old school forecast battle

30.                        Across states, some companies are managing for climate change


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