Global Warming Updates March 13, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 13 March

1)   Greg Barker announces multi-million pound Green Deal finance package

2)   UN rallies to combat global drought

3)   This Winter: Warmer and Wetter than Average

4)   Strict protection helps sustain rainforests

5)   Wall Street Wants to Make a Profit on Climate Change

6)   Did Climate Change Spark the War in Syria?

7)   Antarctica Without Ice: British Survey Reveals New Findings From Frozen Continent

8)   Second US carbon tax plan mooted

9)   Green Climate Fund must clear the path for climate finance

10)                     India targets “drought proof” status to sidestep climate threat

11)                    State Department Downplays the Climate Impact of Keystone XL

12)                     Large rise in CO2 emissions sounds climate change alarm

13)                     Recent Supreme Court Decision May Affect Environmental Standing

14)                     Rainbow Warrior in town on reef mission

15)                     Making Fuel from Bacteria

16)                     Biochemical Engineering: Waste Not, Want Not

17)                     Extreme Water in Earth’s Interior

18)                     An Accurate Way of Predicting Landslides

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