Global Warming Updates March 14-16,2014

Climate Changes Updates March 14-16, 2014

1.        Wyoming rejects science education standards over climate change

2.        R.I. lawmaker, Brown University students craft bill on climate change

3.        Greenland Ice Melt ‘Accelerating,’ Climate Change Awakens ‘Sleeping Giant’

4.        It should be criminal to fund climate change denial

5.        UCLA Campus Report: Study Reveals Accurate Data On Climate Change, More

6.        Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than we thought

7. LatAm nations agree to combat climate change

8.        What killed off the giant beasts – climate change or man?

9.        Faith-based groups pitch call for govt action on climate change

10.   Southern Ocean iron cycle gives new insight into climate change

11.   Scientist would study climate change’s effects on turtles, if not for climate change

12.   Global Campaign to Combat Climate Change has Become Too Complex to Manage, Study Suggests

13.   Americans Don’t Attribute Colder Weather to Climate Change

14.   Let It Rip Weekend: Climate Change & Repealing “Stand Your Ground”

15.   Study Says Climate Change Accelerating Greenland’s Ice Loss

16.   Guest Column: The hobgoblins of global warming

  1. Maryland’s leaders need to speak out on global warming [Letter],0,1404941.story#ixzz2wC0a6qgQ

18.   There is No Scientific Evidence That Humans are Causing Global Warming

19.   March in March: Tony Abbott, Gina Rinehart cop blasts in Sydney protest

20.   How modern global warming science took form

21.   Poll: Cold temperatures, drought not caused by global warming

22.         Global Warming Negatively Affect Fisheries

23.   Survey finds most Americans undaunted by global warming

  1. Climate change “bad boys” must make amends, say Marshall Islands –
  2. As it happened: UN climate change talks in Bonn, closing session –
  3. Yeb Sano: fasting makes me a better climate negotiator –
  4. Tokyo to reach CO2 targets without its carbon trading scheme –

28.   Metro bus service CJP takes notice of environmental impact :

29.   State of the Future report: Humans are doing OK, but nature suffers as a result – and we’ll pay for it–and-well-pay-for-it-9194808.html

30.   Underground lakes provide drought protection

  1. The Price Of Ignoring Climate Change Is Far Higher Than We Think

32.   Nasa-funded study: industrial civilisation headed for ‘irreversible collapse’?

33.   The Mystery of the Missing Methane (Op-Ed)

34.   Angola: Cubango Basin’s Sustainable Development Contributes to Reduce Famine and Poverty


35.   Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than we thought

36.   UCLA Campus Report: Study Reveals Accurate Data On Climate Change, More

CARIAA Targeting Research on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa and Asia





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