Global Warming Updates March 20,2014

Climate Changes Updates March 20, 2014

1.              Chris Christie’s State Agencies Are Worried About Climate Change, Even If He Isn’t

2.              End this obsession over climate change: It stops us tackling floods and storms now say experts

3.              Exxon Mobil agrees to report on climate change’s effect on business model

4.              A Few Numbers for Nate Silver and Roger Pielke Jr. on Climate Change

  1. Microsoft and Google join White House effort to help Americans visualize climate change

  1. Climate change like ‘100-year war’ says US Army expert – See more at:

7. Professor part of broad effort to educate the public on climate change

8.              Gov’t establishes network to implement climate change provisions

9.              Congressman: It Was ‘Crass’ For Senators To Push For Climate Change Action

10.         Climate change hits your fridge

11.         Don’t teach climate change. It’ll hurt the economy

12.         North Carolina government buries climate change data

13.         Climate Change Is On Everyone’s Lips

14.     AAAS “What We Know” About Global Warming Campaign

15.         The Insiders: The Crimea invasion is not about global warming

16.         Obama Spending $1 Million to Fight Global Warming with Wooden Skyscrapers

17.         River Association highlights global warming epidemic


19.          Cliffmont submits Environmental Impact Assessment for San Jorge Project in Huila, Colombia

20.          Success of Danube Region Strategy is important for EU’s sustainable development: Bulgaria’s President

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