Global Warming Updates March 24,2014

Climate Changes Updates March 24, 2014

1.Landslide Kills 8 People In Washington As Climate Change Makes Them More Likely In The Future

2.’Climate change has no borders’

3.Poll: Public less supportive of state efforts to combat climate change

4.Wisconsin reduces carbon pollution as climate change concerns grow

6.Joint Statement by the United States and the Netherlands on Climate Change and Financing the Transition to Low-Carbon Investments Abroad

7.Climate Change May Make Terrible Mudslides More Common

8.Esri equips cities with climate change tools, analytics

9.Southeast England most at risk of rising deaths due to climate change

10.          Climate change facts laid bare

11.          Hillary Clinton to Millennials: We need you to act on climate change

12.          UN rallies youth to take on climate change

13.          New UA center aims to prepare Tucson, world for climate change

14.          A bid to link climate change to human rights

15.          ‘Extreme’ weather events of 2013 points to human-induced climate change: UN

16.      This Old Earth Is Warming Up

17.                       Plane Found? CNN on Suicide Watch; Liberals Tie Global Warming to Story

18.          Global warming not stopped, will go on for centuries: WMO

19.          Bill O’Reilly provides best response to Global Warming

20.          Hmm, Maybe The Whole Global Warming Hysteria Isn’t So Settled After All…

21.          Separation of Church and State Disappears with Global Warming

22.          Cold response to global warming

23.          Local Voices: Global warming, a farewell to Ms. Windy

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  1. The issue of global wimrang has been talked since early 1900; there’s an article in newspaper published around the WW I era discussed about global wimrang (Google it), so it is not a recent issue; What I’m trying to say is, logically speaking, if the earth temperature is rising every year since many years ago, don’t you think we’re all already melted by now?

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