Global Warming Updates March 25, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 25 March

1)     ‘Moderate’ New England Red Tide Forecasted for 2013

2)     Elevated Carbon Dioxide in Atmosphere Trims Wheat, Sorghum Moisture Needs

3)     A Marine Animal to Feed Your Eco-Car

4)     Ash from Refuse Could Become Hydrogen Gas

5)     Dangers from heatwaves set to rise: VCOSS

6)     Sydney turns off for Earth Hour

7)     Summer in the city carries on into autumn in once-in-a-decade event

8)     Verizon Introduces ‘MAGIC’ Buses to Reduce Carbon Footprint

9)     UN report urges Africa’s leaders to put environmental health policies first

10)                        Government warned early action is needed to tackle soaring climate risk

11)                        World faces decades of climate chaos, outgoing chief scientific adviser warns

12)                        Insight: low-carbon electricity can save water and money

13)                        Nations urged to combine environmental and development goals

14)New Research Confirms Global Warming Has Accelerated

15)                        World’s poorest nations plan to ‘take lead’ at climate talks

16)                        Nine steps to unlock climate finance flows

17)                        Key Cameron advisor blocks climate change from G8 agenda

18)                        Why Russian doomsday climate predictions may prove prophetic

19)                        UK science chief warns of climate-induced floods, droughts & storms

20)                        Oceans offer best clue to understanding climate change

21)  Is the New Pope Green?

22)  The True Price of Carbon (And Why You’re Paying For It)

23)  Quick-Change Planet: Do Global Climate Tipping Points Exist?

24)  Within mainstream environmentalist groups, diversity is lacking

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