Global Warming Updates March 26-29, 2015

Climate Changes Updates 26-29 March 2015
A climate-change litmus test for politicians
We don’t have a Ted Cruz problem on climate change. We have a GOP problem on climate change.
Sharks, snakes and giant squid: Climate change driving exotic species north into B.C.
U.S. To Submit Plans To Combat Climate Change While Other Countries Delay
‘Supergoats’ help Kenyan farmers adapt to climate change
Why Isn’t Boehner Touting China Over America On Climate Change?
How Idealism, Expressed in Concrete Steps, Can Fight Climate Change
Leaders of European cities make pledge to tackle climate change
Smith: Ted Cruz’s stance on climate change baffles Sonoma County scientist
Rockefeller family tried and failed to get ExxonMobil to accept climate change
Head Of The Episcopal Church Says It’s ‘Sinful’ To Ignore Climate Change
Watch Jon Stewart ridicule Florida and California’s incompetent responses to climate change
Windsor parks director wants to prepare the city’s trees for climate change 
Tree Enthusiasts Hold Symposium On Trees & Impact of Climate Change–Impact-of-Climate-Change-297934341.html
Former Savage student shares climate change research at Iowa capitol
‘Supergoats’ help Kenyan farmers adapt to climate change
Why Isn’t Boehner Touting China Over America On Climate Change?
Congress shouldn’t cut military research on climate change
Climate Change Not Behind Brutal Winters
Federal study lists northwest Alaska climate change winners
Scientists Urge Growers To Plant Heat Resistant Beans To Fight Climate Change Effects
Climate change intervention risky
This Dance Project Is Out To Prove Climate Change Is An Issue We Can’t Ignore
New budget rules set for climate change spending
More PC From AP’s Stylebook: ‘Climate Change’ Now Equals ‘Global Warming’ – See more at:
College-Educated Republicans Most Skeptical of Global Warming
Warmer nights linked to global warming trend
Long-term weather trends affect climate change
New AP Stylebook Entry on ‘Global Warming’, ‘Climate Change’ Doesn’t Go Over Well With Many: ‘So Full of Bull’
Japan quake and tsunami spurred global warming and ozone loss
NRDC Says Your Xbox Is Causing Global Warming – But It Isn’t
House Dem: Global Warming Could Force Women to Trade Sex for Food
Political Notes: Gallagher global warming bill dies
Lawrence Solomon: Global warming doomsayers take note: Earth’s 19th Little Ice Age has begun
Miami Beach 100th Anniversary Story Turned Into Global Warming Warning – See more at:
Cruz on the Global Cooling Myth and Galileo
We Could Stop Global Warming With This Fix—But It’s Probably a Terrible Idea
The hotly contested link between science denial and conspiracy theories
Rise in government insurance rates to mirror rising waters, flood debt
Federal grant program announced to help regions where coal jobs disappeared
For Environmentalists, Reid an Ally Unlikely to Be Replaced
Melting Ice Slows Down Ocean Circulation
Mexico sets 25 pct pollution cut by 2030 for climate talks – See more at:
Duke Energy CEO loses $600K in pay over coal ash pollution
Use financial levers to fight climate change
Climate change costs
Achieving California’s goal of sustainable energy future
Green Climate Fund names 7 investment partners
Pakistan shelves six coal-fired power projects
Media coverage of UN climate science reports: why it matters
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2C climate change target ‘utterly inadequate’
Norway delivers climate pledge to UN ahead of Paris summit
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No ban on coal finance as Green Climate Fund eyes first projects
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Satellite data indicates sea levels rising faster than expected
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Scientists develop extreme beans to withstand intense heat
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Major companies use lobby groups to water down EU climate policy – study
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Global coral reef survey highlights climate threat
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Mexico releases pledge for 2015 UN climate change pact
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US set for Paris climate pledge as UN deadline draws near
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