Global Warming Updates March 27,2014

Climate Changes Updates March 27, 2014

  • Climate Change Shrinks Salamanders

  • Why one economist pulled out of new UN climate change report

  • The banality of ‘What We Know’ about climate change

  • Climate change shifts the earth in Alaska

  • N. Secretary General tours Greenland for first-hand look at climate change

  • White House attacks climate change with hackathons, crowdsourcing, and big data

  • The bill for climate change is coming due

  • Why climate change is bad news for India tea producers

  • The Urgency of Adaptation: Combating Climate Change in Armenia

  1. Diary: Frackers tell the climate change mandarin … You shall come to the ball

  1. Climate change is world’s ‘gravest security threat’ – report –
  2. Climate change will hike air pollution deaths says UN study –
  3. Climate change causing plants to flower earlier, recent research shows

  1. New Laboratories to Research Air Quality and Climate Change –

  1. Okavango Delta unlikely to dry up in a lifetime, research shows

  1. Climate Research Satellite Blazes Into Space

  1. Global Warming Scientists Scrap Real Science, Bow Before President Obama Instead

  1. ‘Noah’ is a Global Warming Epic About the Battle Between Religion and Science, Says Cinematographer

  1. Global warming caused record Australian heatwave, top scientists conclude

  1. Global warming: February update

  1. Climate jazz-hands: Federal government’s National Science Foundation paid $697,177 for New York City musical theater production about global warming

  1. Greens debate impacts of LNG exports on global warming

  1. Climate change or global warming, the same issue

  1. COP Out? Peru Pulling the Plug on Environmental Oversight in View of COP 20

  1. Penang urged to review STP environmental impact




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One thought on “Global Warming Updates March 27,2014

  1. Hi Jonathan,It can be confusing the nbuemr of claims being made that the world is warming / isn’t warming and that’s because the issue has become somewhat divided, often for partisan reasons.No doubt what you’ve been taught in school is correct. If a school were to knowingly misteach it’s pupils then it faces prosecution. Global warming has actually been on trial several times in courts of law and on every occasion the Judge has ruled that the facts and science behind global warming are accurate.Those who don’t accept global warming is happening don’t have an argument against the theory. Instead they have used more than 100 different excuses ranging from claims that the world is cooling, that Margaret Thatcher invented global warming, that it’s because Earth is moving closer to the Sun – all manner of unrelated claims.In your question you mention that you’ve learned that a lot of people are against the idea of global warming. In reality there’s not that many. It’s broadly accepted the world over, the only notable exception being the US where it is more of a political issue than a scientific one.If you look at global warming scientifically then there’s no question that it’s happening. No doubt you were taught that greenhouse gases retain heat in the atmosphere and that the more of them there are the more heat is retained. What you may not have been taught is the mechanism by which these gases retain heat, this is something that is governed by the laws of quantum mechanics.You may think that it would be pointless to try and argue against the theory of gravity, and you’d be right to do so. But it’s even more pointless to argue against the laws of quantum mechanics. Not only are these laws universal and invariable, but they’re the most powerful and successful of all scientific laws. Trying to argue against them really is futile – not that it doesn’t stop some people claiming there’s no such thing as global warming.Because the science is so solid, it’s no surprise then that there isn’t a single scientific organisation on the planet that disputes the theory of manmade global warming.So instead, what we’re left with are a nbuemr of uncoordinated, unscientific, and largely uninformed individuals who, often for personal reasons, object to the notion that the world is warming and we, as humans, are having a hand in it.It’s very telling that those who argue against the theory NEVER address the issue as a whole, instead they focus on the minutiae and on the distortion of reality. By adopting this technique it’s possible to ‘disprove’ anything. Take gravity for example, if it existed then trees would grow downwards not upwards, water could never evaporate, birds and planes would crash to the ground, the atmosphere would be sucked down to Earth not up in the sky, Earth would compress itself into a tiny ball etc etc.This is an example of the style of argument used by those who reject the theory of global warming. They latch on to an illogical argument and run with it, steadfastly refusing to acknowledge their own ignorance and basically doing everything they can to avoid exposure to anything that opposes their fallacy.

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