Global Warming Updates March 28, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 28 March

1)   Energy subsidies ‘aggravate global warming’: IMF

2)   EU juggles economic, environmental crises

3)   Australian carbon tax policy crucial, Combet says

4)   Eliminating fossil fuel subsidies will reduce global CO2 emissions by 13%

5)   Drier climate will spread diarrhea

6)   Climate Change is Increasing Seasonal Allergies

7)   How climate change threatens the seas

8)   Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss

9)   Scotland to Donald Trump: Drop Dead. Offshore Wind Farm Green-lit

10)                     2013 drought may be worse than 2012, says NOAA

11)                     Miami versus Minneapolis: air conditioning beats heat on energy demand

12)                     Record year for Scottish renewables in 2012

13)                     Canada could leave UN climate talks after UNCCD exit

14)                     Security risks of climate change prompt military review

15)                     Why the EU’s 2030 climate targets matter beyond Brussels

16)                     China and Russia lead work to establish World Bank rival

17)                     UK climate panel shreds Mail on Sunday ‘great green con’ story

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