Global Warming Updates March 28-30,2014

Climate Changes Updates March 28-30, 2014

1.    Global Warming: Top Evidence That It Is Real

2.    Global Warming a Sign of Impending Apocalypse and How to Prepare

3. Global warming – there’s hope amid the gloom

4. Straightforward science shows continuing global warming

5. Global warming’s questionable reliability

6. NZ global warming funding ‘irresponsible moral exhibitionism’ – Jamie Whyte

7. One House Republican’s Latest Plan To Undermine Climate Research

8. WeatherHome Project Aims At Using Home Computers To Power Climate Change Research

9. Climate change: Time bomb ticks as the Earth heats

  1. Ethiopia inaugurates climate-research center

11.         Research Casts Doubt over Potential of Biochar to Alleviate Climate Change

  1. Teeth of ancient equines shaped by climate, diet

13.         Report: Effects of climate change seen everywhere

  1. Greenpeace: Climate change increasingly threatens security

15.         Give geoengineering a chance to fix climate change: David Keith

16.         Climate change boosts conflict risk, floods, hunger

17.         IPCC report: climate change felt ‘on all continents and across the oceans’

18.     Years of Living dangerously

19.         World Not Ready for Climate Change, New Report Says

20.         IPCC report: climate change wake-up call

21.         Rowan Williams: Western lifestyles have pushed the world into catastrophe

22.         Warmer temperatures can lead warmer tempers, worsening global security, UN report to say

23.         Hundreds of young adults talk ‘climate justice’ at Dalhousie

24.                     Gov. Chris Christie’s polluting belch

25.         The rich West is ruining our planet

  1. US Senate’s 66 votes should not shape global climate talks –

  1. Climate change will hike air pollution deaths says UN study –

  1. White House launches drive to cut methane emissions –

  1. Climate change is world’s ‘gravest security threat’ – report –

30.         Equality for Women and Sustainable Development Go Hand in Hand

31.                     Development: Mobilize citizens to track sustainability

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