Global Warming Updates March 4-8, 2015

Climate Changes Updates 4-8 March 2015
UK sees climate as “biggest diplomatic challenge” says lead envoy
Global warming raises California’s drought vulnerability
UN: African Robin Hood tax could fund climate adaptation efforts
EU vows to preserve climate ambition in use of forests
What are world leaders saying about a Paris climate agreement?
UN prepares for disaster deal to address climate change risk
Solar closing in on cost of coal-fired power – Deutsche Bank
Green energy investor returns rise as carbon bubble looms
Li Keqiang announces new energy target to wean China off coal
“Second wave” of climate pledges to UN deal expected in September
Himalayas count cost of damage from soot, methane and HFCs
UN climate body needs “automatic” system to split rich and poor
EU commits to cut emissions “at least” 40% by 2030 in UN pledge
Europe submits UN climate pledge, urges US, China to follow
GOP senators, including Jeff Sessions, oppose probe of scientists who question climate change
Terms such as ‘climate change,’ ‘global warming’ were outlawed, former Florida DEP employees say
China Blocks Web Access to ‘Under the Dome’ Documentary on Pollution
Duke pollution could continue under proposed permits
Report fails on the environment
Environmental Movement Feeling the Heat – To Diversify—to-diversify.php
Snow falls, climate changes
Heat’s on climate change dissidents
Climate change: why the Guardian is putting threat to Earth front and centre
Gov. Christie Goes Easy on a Big Polluter
Yaks May Be Climbing Higher Due to Climate Change
‘Man-made’ climate change is a major problem for women
Climate change no longer a budget problem for future generations
Human-induced climate change 
undermines rights: UN – See more at:
Syrian conflict likely fueled by climate change, study claims
Intergenerational report: climate change silence in 2015 a stark contrast to 2010
People’s Climate March In London Draws Huge Crowd, Including Russell Brand
The GOP’s climate change skepticism, in one groan-worthy
Joe Biden Says Denying Climate Change ‘Is Like Denying Gravity’, But Not For James Inhofe Who Believes In God
Researchers Find Possible Link Between Food Safety And Climate Change
Homeland Security, state partner on climate change study
BBC’s climate change stance in brazen defiance of the law
Political fallout predicted from papal letter on climate change 

Time to Act: climate change protesters march in London
The Guardian view on climate change and social disruption: how one form of chaos breeds another
Florida banned state workers from using term ‘climate change’ – report

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