Global Warming Updates March 6 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates March 6, 2014

1.        Why women are the secret weapon to tackling climate change

2.        Climate change could mean more malaria in Africa, South America

3.        Infrastructure Threatened by Climate Change Poses a National Crisis

  1. Designer Vivienne Westwood cut off her hair to protest climate change

5.        Businesses Should Stand Up to Climate Change Deniers

6.        Climate Change: Backdoor Conversion

7.        Scientists: Climate change is killing life at the bottom of the sea

8.        Heat on Abbott as US pushes G20 climate change action

9.        Epic King Tides Offer Glimpse Of Climate Change In Marshall Islands

10.   Not even climate change will kill off capitalism

11.         CSIRO casts doubt on key aspect of Government’s Direct Action climate change plan

12.   Actually, You Can Link Specific Weather Events to Climate Change

13.         Researchers blame climate change for helping malaria gain ground worldwide

14.   Researchers map European climate change

15.   Pentagon Calls Climate Change Impacts “Threat Multipliers,” Could Enable Terrorism

16.   Lord Lawson climate sceptic thinktank’s report rebuked by scientists

17.   Threat to commodities from climate change, Loughborough University researchers reveal

  1. Canada and the United Kingdom join forces to tackle climate change in Africa and Asia

19.   Get Ready for Next Climate Phenomenon: El Nino

20.   Scientists pinpoint potential oases in a changing climate


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