Global Warming Updates March 7-9 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates March 7-9, 2014

1.  Democrats plan all-night ‘talkathon’ on climate change

2.  Address Climate Change by Empowering Women

3.     Climate Council report: More than 150 weather records broken last summer, climate change cited as reason

4.     Investors Demand Climate Change Action From Corporate Boards

5.  New Study Yanks Away Glimmer of Hope on Climate Change

6.  Robbins: Climate change and state’s drought

7.  Out There: Climate change is for real

8.     Global Warming Triggers Malaria That Kills Millions

9.  Leaders should reveal stand on global warming

10.       Sorry Surfies, Climate Change Means Fewer Gnarly Waves On East Coast Australia

11.       Ethiopia: Global Commission Launches Research in Ethiopia

12.       Surf’s down: climate change likely to bring fewer big waves

13.       The Signs of the Times: Political Theology and Climate Change

14.       Peru to ‘eliminate’ key environmental rule for oil and gas firms, says minister

15.       Establishing Heritage Impact Assessment in Nepal

16. China’s $40 Billion Cross-Nicaragua Canal Stirs Controversy

17.       Environment law ripe for revision

18.       Global warming leaving him cold

19.       Airport plan to double passenger numbers

20.       Agile International Empowers Women Farmers, Launches Sustainable Development Operations in Africa

21.       Climate change: surfers told to expect fewer large waves on east coast

22.       Wastewater Injection Triggered Oklahoma’s Earthquake Cascade

23.       California’s drought-prone pattern forcing farmers to adapt

24.       Drought Hastens End of a Region’s Hydropower Era

  1. Tomblin’s water pollution rhetoric embarrassing

26.       Climate change is a conservative cause — really

27.       Senate Dems stage climate all-nighter

28.       Pollution’s price: Will a stiff fine change the ways of Alpha coal?

29.       A Climate Analyst Clarifies the Science Behind California’s Water Woes

30.       El Nino could strike as early as summer: U.S. forecaster

  1. Security Council seat could tempt India into UN climate action

  1. Marshall Islands foreign minister: ‘We are facing a climate disaster’ –

  1. Climate science debate “futile” says Marshall Islands minister –

  1. UN climate talks: the toughest negotiations on planet earth –



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