Global Warming updates May 01 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 1, 2014

1. Workshop examines climate change action in Edmonds: Much has been accomplished, but work remains

2. The Insane Rainstorms We’ve Seen This Week Are What Climate Change Looks Like

3.   Amphibians in a vise: Climate change robs frogs, salamanders of refuge

4. Multiple metrics of climate change reveal unappreciated impacts on biodiversity

5. Cost To Fight Wildfire Will Skyrocket This Year, Thanks to Climate Change

6. Kuzara: Let’s keep view of climate change in perspective

  1. Why don’t economists get climate change?

8. Herman: Teach climate change based on evidence


10.           What will convince climate-change skeptics?

11.           ‘Fox & Friends’ Attacks Editor Who Exposed Climate Change Censorship

12.           Greenland’s Prime Minister Looks on Global Warming’s Bright Side

13.           Why Doesn’t Anyone Know How to Talk About Global Warming?


15.           Retiring Valero CEO Fights Back against ‘Global Warming’ Activist

16.           Global warming making wet winters more likely

17.           Republicans in Congress Are Trying to Gut Local Fracking Regulations

18.           The Supreme Court makes the right call on a Clean Air Act provision

19.           There’s a silent killer in India’s homes – but it’s not an election issue




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