Global Warming updates May 02-04 , 2014

Climate Changes Updates May 2, 2014

1. Govt’s climate change efforts slammed

2. The climate-change apocalypse — made disgusting!

3. Pacific warriors plan Australia invasion to highlight effects of climate change

4. Emily Abrams, 19, Aims to Curb Climate Change with Cookbook

5.          Why Should Evangelical Christians Care About Climate Change?

6. Climate Change Warming Up Business In The Arctic

7. Climate change is clear and present danger, says landmark US report

8. Abdullah Bin Zayed statement on climate change

9. Scientists race to develop farm animals to survive climate change,0,2628316.story#ixzz30pUwmr00

10.           Sacrificing Africa for Climate Change

11.           Enviro group accuses Wyoming of choosing ‘coal over kids’ by rejecting climate change curriculum

12.           Gardening for Climate Change

13.           Groups rallying at RI State House on climate change

14.           Community event to focus on climate change

15.           How to solve climate change with cows (maybe)

16.           Ban Ki-Moon: UAE a global champion in fight against climate change

17.           New report concludes global warming is real, will lead to increased extreme weather events

18.           New study sheds light on global warming trends

19.           LETTER: ‘Internalize the externalities’ to fight global warming

20.           Research sheds new light on global warming trends

21.           Congress accuses Narendra Modi of being responsible for global warming

22.           Winter Floods Linked to Global Warming

23.           UN chief calls for ‘greater action’ on climate change

  1. Chemical Compositions Of Lakes Leaves Clues To How Global Warming Will Affect Underwater Ecosystems

  1. Up Or Down? Land Surface Study Shows Varying Global Warming Trends

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